Parking System
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Parking System
For 108 cars

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Park 108 cars on 5,000 sqft!
The System is manufactured in Detroit, Michigan for distribution in the United States, so it's a win-win situation for all of us who would like to park close to shops and otherwise cramped inner cities. Just drive your car on the elevator and at the push of your credit card the car will be parked safe and sound in a shelf underground. The electric cost for the system is a dollar a day per car, compare that to maintaining pavement, insurance, lighting and security of conventional parking! Apart from lower exhaust emissions, the use of natural landscaping in lieu of asphalt removes the "Heat Island effect" caused by blacktop.

The automated garage system is installed in a concrete silo constructed with the secant piling method. All you need is sufficient space for a 72ft diameter circle and leave the rest to the installers, who will insert the fully automated steel system including an aesthetically pleasing car elevator.

The Automated Parking System was developed by Trevi , which developed illustrious civil engineering projects such as the runway underpass at JFK International Airport, the Boston Central Artery tunnel, the foundation work for the Milan subway and even successfully worked on stabilizing the Leaning Tower of Pisa! Trevi is involved in deep excavation support, pre-tunneling technology, hydraulic drilling rigs, and underground parking garages. Trevi's Soilmec division is a leading soil engineering firm, manufacturing drilling equipment and foundation rigs. The Trevi Group operates on five continents comprising of 36 companies with 45 offices in 40 countries.

The first Trevi Park System was installed in 1991 in the medieval Italian city of Cesena. Since that time, there have been a total of 25 installations in various Italian cities such as Rome, Milan and Turin, 30 more are planned. We are proud to say that the reliability of the system has been exemplary in all cases and we are looking forward to continue this outstanding record in the U.S!

Robotic Valet Service
The Trevi system is ingenious. One big silo, 72' across, is dug up to 9 levels deep with each level holding 12 cars. The first four levels accommodate larger vehicles such as SUVs. Only 18 inches of clearance is needed to the side of a building, allowing it to be located in the most cramped of urban environments. The circular structure withstands seismic activity and the design uses only very little electricity, it can even be powered by alternative energy.

A rotating mechanical platform is installed inside the silo which acts like a robotic valet, taking your car underground and shelving it in one of 108 slots. When you watch the video, it looks unbelievably high-tech, but in fact the system has been around for over 20 years with a failure rate of essentially zero. So far only units with one elevator have been developed, but units with two elevators are on the drawing board.

Monitoring and Managing
The US Parking Units are backed by a Command & Control Company, whose sole duty is to be on guard 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year, to monitor, manage and control all Systems from one centralized location. Locally, it will have strategic relationships with maintenance personnel for routine upkeep and, should there ever be a problem, immediate dispatch. With this system you can exit and enter your vehicle in a well-lit, open-space area, without having to go to underground levels, or inside a parking structure, which is very safe and efficient for users. Internal safety of the car is assured by computer controlled, anti-intrusion, firefighting, anti-flood and ventilation systems.

From Problem to Perfect in 7 Months

1: Foundation
  • Cylindrical diaphragm concrete wall constructed
  • Interior core excavated
  • Reinforced concrete base slab completed

    2: Floors
  • Precast concrete vehicle storage stalls positioned in a radial pattern

    3: Top Slab
  • Arrangement and casting of reinforced top slab

    4: Electromechanical
  • Vehicle delivery system
  • Stairs, service platforms, and interior mechanical and electrical systems

    5: Surface Finishing
  • Landscaping, signs, entrance and exit roads
  • Enclosure walls
  • Exterior structures

    $1.5MM for the 108 car unit, smaller sizes and custom units for 1,000 cars or better available.

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    If you would like to sponsor a unit, you may do so by investing $3MM (or more) with an approximate annual return of 12% on your money and being paid back the full amount invested after 10 years.

    108 Cars Parked

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