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Basin and Range panorama of the Pequop Mountains: distant Spruce Mountain (10,262 feet) from the Pequop Range.




Wild Horses in the Tonopah Mining area

Moon in the desert near Tonopah - Saddle Mountain

Gold Prices

Gold Prices

Gold Prices

Gold Prices

Gold Prices

Gold Prices

Gold Prices

1. Golden Wonder has estimated "pre drilling geological resources of 10M ounces gold plus silver. This is outlined in my geological report and needs explaining to completely understand by novice.

2.Pequop claims PEQ group; at this time has no gold estimate but recent work indicates the 'gold foot print to be almost similar to adjacent Long Canyon Mine which has reserves of 2.6M ounces.

Drilling is necessary for both properties.

Combination of four Western US Mining Properties

In this offering a total of four individual mining claim groups are included, and host significant precious metals. The following description will briefly summarize each claim group with detailed technical reports available:


Aurica Resources LLC is a dedicated natural resource exploration company that specializes in quality mining properties, principally in Nevada. A total of four individual mining claim groups are included, and host significant precious metals. The following description will briefly summarize each claim group with detailed technical reports available, in confidence.

This claim group, located in the Pequop Mountains northeast Nevada, is within the recently recognized New Carlin Gold Belt trend. High grade intercepts immediately southeast and southwest of these claims have confirmed at least two major developing potential mines (Long Canyon re. Newmont Mining and Agnico-Eagle). Claim mapping in the 17 PEQ claim group reveals a complex NNE-SSW recumbent fold pattern consisting of breached axial plane breccia displaying a multiple jasper phase covering 94 acres and widths to 3,200 feet in the mapped Devonian carbonate formations. A gossan-karst breccia dolomitic alteration complex occurs on strike to the north along this anticline. Gold values reach 3,888 ppb in this broad structure with high co-correlations with trace elements and negative with Ca. Contoured gold values reveal a 5,000 foot anomalous trend coinciding with the fold axies. There are seven distinct mineralization types each having complimentary anomalous hydrothermal pathfinder geochemistry with gold suggesting multiple mineralization events. The folded Paleozoic dolomitize limestone host rocks are sandwiched between complex normal and thrust fault structural patterns. The complex geochemistry suggests the presence of an intrusive. Long Canyon, West Pequop and PEQ properties share the same gravity anomaly. 


This large claim package, seven miles south of Tonopah in central Nevada, consists of three contiguous claim groups (Golden Phoenix, Golden Wonder and Golden Nugget) covering a north-south distance totaling approximately 3.5 miles and comprising about 2,300 acres. A total of eight Tertiary volcanic units are mapped in this north-south trending mineralized corridor. Structural mapping indicates these claims are at the intersection of a south plunging N-S breached anticline and the famous NW-SE trending Walker Lane regional mineralized structural lineament. The southern extension of this highly altered fold axies is believed to be a graben. Much of the anomalous precious metal mineralization to +5g/t gold plus silver occurs within this important intersection. This paleo-topographic surface and related hot spring activity is developed on the unconformity formed by the Brougher Rhyolite and the underlying Divide Andesite.

The Golden Phoenix mineralization in the north consists of well developed auriferous chalcedonic feeder veins, interbedded with Siebert Formation silica flooded porous tuffs, chalcedonic beds and siliceous flows, for a width of 8,000 feet in this recognized paleo-hot spring environment. Extensive brick red chalcedonic gossanous stock work and feeder veins, associated with multiple intrusions, enhance the geochemical signature of this estimated 300 foot thick complex siliceous envelope. High pathfinder element values occur in eruption debris at the top of each fumarole. Silica flooded auriferous flow brecciated volcanics are integrated within this complex hot spring system and can be traced into an extensive pediment. In addition, extensive mineralization in highly porous reworked and altered Siebert tuffaceous units, several hundred feet thick, also occurs in the Golden Phoenix claims and would be reminiscent of Round Mountain mineralization. In addition to elevated precious metal mineralization, these very porous and altered fragmental tuffs contain anomalous concentrations of Mo, Sb, W and Uranium thus forming a complex hydrothermal signature.

Southward within the Golden Wonder group a north-south stock work system hosts high gold and silver values in volcanics, water laid tuffs and related rhyolite intrusives. Mineralized intrusive vents and related flow dome complexes parallel these veins. The Siebert water laid tuff units within the projected graben structure in the Golden Nugget group to the south contain potential important blind ore producing units similar to the Hasbrouck Divide Mining District 4 miles northward. These favorable zones would occur on the Paleozoic basement unconformity and also in the overlying porous and permeable tuffaceous units which are also found in the claims.

A total of 127 third party rock chip samples for the property average 1.04 ppm Au and have a silver:gold ratio of 13:1. Measuring the area within the 1.0 ppm gold contour over the paleo-topographic unconformity surface produces an area of 394 acres resulting in a pre-drilling POTENTIAL GEOLOGIC RESOURCE of 10.1 M ounces of gold. Silver can be considered a credit for this gold. Clearly, this property is a potential world class mineral deposit and a company maker. AURICA RESOURCES LLC is offered for purchase and qualified companies are invited to respond in confidence at above email address.

[]  Clearly, this property is a potential world class mineral deposit and a company maker, with 1.7M oz Au to be harvested.

CASH: $2.5 million, 6% royalty NSR
TERMS: 1/2 down on $4 million. Balance of $2MM to be paid over the following two years, but not less than $1MM per year. 5% royalty NSR

Owner will sell the entire claim group for $2.5 million cash. Or he will accept 1/2 down on a $4 million sales price with the balance over two years. Will consider selling individual mining properties but prefers to sell the entire claim package at once.

To receive details, send me an email


In Tonopah tourism plays a large part in the local economy. Many buildings still remain from the boom era, including the Mizpah Hotel, completely renovated during the late 1970s, recently changed hands and is being restored to its original splendor, it might still have a ghost "the Lady in Red" on the fifth floor.

Other points of interest include the Nye County Courthouse, built in 1905 at a cost of $55,000 on land donated by Jim Butler. There is still an annual parade in town to celebrate Jim Butler and the Nevada State Mining Championships. The old Tonopah Public Library, was built in 1912 and is now the oldest active library in Nevada. St. Mark's Episcopal Church, built in 1906, is of the landmarks in Tonopah along with the ruins of the old 500-ton Belmont mill, on the east side of Mt. Oddie. Another extremely interesting place to visit is the Tonopah Historic Mining Park. The mines, formerly owned by Howard Hughes' Summa Corporation, was donated by Echo Bay Mining Company. All can be visited via an organized walking tour.

Nevada is located in the western United States, and Carson City serves as the state's capital. The state separated from Utah in 1861, and in 1864 became the 36th state to join the union. The majority of the northern part of the state is located within the Great Basin Desert, while the southern portion, including Las Vegas, is located within the Mojave Desert. Mining, which was abundant in Nevada, declined in the late 19th century. In the 1900s, silver was found in Tonopah, Goldfield and Rhyolite, which in turn increased the state's population. The state outlawed gambling in 1909, and re-legalized it in 1931. The Hoover dam was constructed from 1932-1935, bringing many workers to the area. More than 80 percent of Nevada is owned by the federal government. Nevada also is one of few states that require no personal or corporate income tax.

The nickname for Nevada is The Silver State, dating from the Nevada silver rush days of the mid 1800's. Heavy gray crusts of silver had formed on the surface of the desert over millions of years and were polished by dust and wind to the dull luster of a cow horn (called "horn silver"). A big silver bed could be tens of yards wide and almost a mile long (worth $27,000 a ton in 1860's dollars). Needless to say, Nevada and surrounding states were picked clean of silver within a few decades. These "surface bonanzas" lasted only a few seasons, long enough to put up saloons and little else. The rough, violent life of many western movies was definitely prominent in Nevada silver camps!














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